The 4 Currencies of Your Life – Poker Life

The 4 Currencies of Your Life – Poker Life

Welcome back to another episode of Poker Life, where I take your questions on travel, poker lifestyle and the life of a poker player and answer them in short videos.

Last week we have ‘10 Morning Rituals and Routines for a Productive Day‘ on Poker Life series, and today’s question is one I get often: ‘how do I decide what to do?’

I’ve been blessed with options, and I believe it’s extremely important to have a priority system by which you make decisions. Without clear priorities, things are left to the wind and life’s interruptions could take you in an unexpected direction.

It’s no secret that in our culture we value money over almost all other things. But as you’ll see in today’s video of Poker Life, that’s only one form of currency. What about time, influence, happiness and mobility?

I call these the ‘currencies of life’. Having a balance of these is extremely important in the life of a poker player and to help you create an awesome lifestyle. Check out this video to learn more!

As always, I know this is experimental content so I’d greatly appreciate your feedback!


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  • Derek Gomez

    These are my favorite videos by far. Sharing your mindset regarding life and life choices is very much appreciated. I recently posted a piece on my blog about successful poker content and listed you as one of those who are creating content the right way. Also, small-world poker connection: I was one of the Victory Poker contest winners that was supposed to join you and the crew for the reality show (which I also wrote about in my blog). Love what you’re doing, keep pumping out the great content. Your work ethic is admirable.

    • Alec

      Appreciate that Derek. Small world indeed. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Greg

    I really enjoyed this video Alec. I often try to frame my decisions in a similar manner, looking to see the ‘opportunity cost’ of what I’m doing in a deeper sense than just time or money. When I’ve tried to explain it to people, I’ve found it impossible to convey even a fraction of what I mean, and get a lot of blank stares or ‘smiling and nodding.’ I’m brewing a pot of coffee and busting out my notepad to figure out my currencies and how I would prioritize them. I can’t wait to show this video to my girlfriend! Thanks 🙂

    • Alec

      Thanks for the feedback Greg.