A Questionable, Crazy Play at ‘Live at The Bike’… That Worked!

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Today’s Hand of the Day features a questionable, crazy play… that worked! Its’s a hand from the $5/10 No Limit cash game at Live at the Bike, from The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles.

I won this hand by floating both the flop and turn, and bluff raising the river when the flush card came.

I talk walk you through the entire hand in the video below, but first, here are a few things to consider when turning your hand into a bluff.

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I Turned My Hand Into a Bluff (Bluffing Strategy)

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Have you ever thought about turning your hand into a bluff? Did you ever apply similar bluffing strategy as our hero in today’s Hand of the Day episode?

Correctly attempting to get away with such a bold play is complicated, and without the proper strategy, you could cost yourself thousands of dollars. Here are the most common questions I receive surrounding this subject:

  • What are the best situations to execute this play?

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Online Cash Game: Would You Call This River Check Raise?

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Today’s hand from Julian comes from some good ol’ $0.50/$1.00 NL online cash game. He writes to me and asks, ‘would you call this river check-raise?’

He’s put in a tough spot in this hand, but by using game theory and analytical approach I break down exactly what he should do and why.

This is part of a more advanced program called ‘The Four Steps to Beating Anyone at Poker.’ Using methodologies like the one I discuss in this video, I teach you how to break down your opponents hand range and use game theory to win more money at poker and outplay your competition.

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How to Analyze Your Poker Hands

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Analyze your poker hands is one of the most important thing to do for poker pros. So today’s AskAlec episode is about that. The question comes from one of my readers Scott, who asks how I remain objective while analyzing hands. Do I ever find myself justifying my action not because it’s the best play, but because I made it?

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