Alec Torelli’s Best of Poker Series #1

Alec Torelli’s Best of Poker Series #1

With so many awesome poker bloggers and YouTubers out there, I decided to launch my ‘Best of Poker’ series, which will bring you a list of all the best poker content from around the web in one place.

The idea is to host the best poker content on an ongoing basis so that you don’t have to go searching for it.

Anyone is welcome to participate! Accepted entries include both blog posts and YouTube videos. Simply follow the INSTRUCTIONS below and get instantly featured on my ‘Best of Poker’ series.

Each month I’ll be selecting FOUR WINNERS: TWO will be the entries with the most views (or clicks) and TWO will be my personal favorites. My goal is to reward excellent content and raise the bar for what the bloggers produce.

I will start by sharing two of my favorite posts: How Crunching Numbers Made me a Fortune: the story of one of the biggest hands I played in Ivey’s Room, and The 4 Currencies of Your Life: how to create an awesome lifestyle by understanding the relationship between money, time and mobility.

On the next round of “Best of Poker”, this space will be reserved for YOU, as here is where I’ll share the FOUR winners of the current contest. Winners will also receive a free pair of sunglasses, sponsored by Spades Sun Shades.

poker life alec torelli

I will aim to feature this series on a monthly basis if this catches on and readers find it valuable.

If you don’t have your own blog or YouTube, feel free to nominate people whom you wish to participate by reaching out to your favorite bloggers and sharing this post with them. The more we can grow this community the better the content will be for everyone!

Lastly, I’d like to thank all my fans, without whom none of this would be possible.

Happy sharing!

Here's how Alec Torelli's Best of Poker Series works:

    1. Alec Torelli’s Best of Poker #1” will be open until February 28th, 2017 at 12 pm PST. After it closes, I will select and highlight the reader’s favorite (the link with the most clicks) as well as my personal favorite on my blog and social media.
    2. Bloggers can share up to three poker blogs or YouTube videos, either new or old from their archives.
    3. To add your post, click on the BLUE BUTTON at the end of the post; paste in the URL of the actual blog post rather than your blog’s home page.
    4. Please provide a link back to “Alec Torelli’s Best of Poker”, by copying and pasting this line at the end of the blog post you wish to link: “This post was shared on the Alec Torelli’s Best of Poker Series. IMPORTANT: If you do not copy and paste this caption, including the hyperlink, your post will not be accepted.
    5. If you’d like to share a YouTube video and not a blog, simply copy and paste the line above into the description of your YouTube video.
    6. Entries must be related to POKER. Gossip or gambling articles are not allowed and will be deleted.
    7. Each month I’ll be selecting FOUR WINNERS: TWO will be the entries with the most views (or clicks) and TWO will be my personal favorites.
    8. You are all set! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome poker content on the “Alec Torelli’s Best of Poker Series”!

Best of Poker Series #1

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  • Marty Nugiel

    NEVER GIVE UP–Yesterday I was playing a $10 buy-in sit n go on borgata poker on line.
    After eliminating four players it was me and my opponent heads up, about evenly matched. We both went all-in and he got the better of it, but I had 125 chips left to his 11,875. I started going all-in, and he would call or fold, but after a good run, I evened up, and then I won the tourney. Moral of the story–never give up!!

    • Alec

      Well done, and congrats!

  • mcgavel1

    Epic! Looking forward to learning lots more! Thanks for sharing games and info – find those spots – gl all – peace!

    • Alec

      Thanks my man!

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