I Turned My Hand Into a Bluff (Bluffing Strategy)

I Turned My Hand Into a Bluff (Bluffing Strategy)

Have you ever thought about turning your hand into a bluff? Did you ever apply similar bluffing strategy as our hero in today’s Hand of the Day episode?

Correctly attempting to get away with such a bold play is complicated, and without the proper strategy, you could cost yourself thousands of dollars. Here are the most common questions I receive surrounding this subject:

  • What are the best situations to execute this play?
  • Against what type of opponents should you employ this strategy?
  • With which hands (or part of my range) should I attempt to bluff?
  • How do I bluff with the right frequency so my hand range is balanced and my opponents can’t figure out what I have?

I address these questions in incredible detail in my interactive workbook, ‘The Four Steps to Beating Anyone at Poker‘, which is by far my most popular product.

Many have used it to win more money, build their confidence and ultimately move up in stakes. Check it out for my absolute best content.

But for now, you can watch this short Hand of the Day and get a feel for my thoughts on this subject.

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