How I Became a Professional Poker Player

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A decade ago I roamed around the college streets of Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas. Just a young freshman at the time, I could never imagine I’d be back on campus over a decade later with a walk down memory lane.

At 18 one is still invincible, at the age where not only can they never envision their life in 10 years, but simply the notion being 10 years older is so far away it’s almost inconceivable, repulsive.

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My New TV Show: ‘A Day in the Life’

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Welcome to my first video in my ‘Day in the Life Series’, a behind the scenes look at my daily routine and travels.

This video was super experimental. The entire thing was shot on an iPhone and I gave little importance to shot selection, cinematography and framing.

My goal here was to learn a platform I had never used before, Adobe Premiere Pro and see if this style of content was a viable option for something regular in the future.

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Have You Found Your Calling?

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I recently wrote a post titled ‘My Goals for the Summer of 2016’, where I explored the importance of taking time off after intensive periods of work, stress or completion of a large undertaking. Further contemplation got me thinking about the different phases of work I’ve experienced in my life.

Many have reflected on the idea that one’s work is divided into one of the three possible categories:

Job: Something you do from 9-5 to pay the bills.

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