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Macau Street Food

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Every time I fly to Italy and I get off the plane, I am always amazed by fragrance that saturates the air.

I look at Ambra and ask ‘Why does it always smells like pastries here?!”

Macau has many qualities, but the smell of its traditional food isn’t one of them.

Unfortunately cameras still can’t capture the smells, but through this gallery of images I think you can get a pretty close idea.

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The Macau Workout

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Strolling around the streets of Macau it’s impossible not to run into the locals exercising outdoors. Not only is every park equipped with ‘fitness machines’, even the most basic sidewalks can become the stage of a training performance.

Ambra & I collected on our phones some precious moments of pageant… and at the end, I joined the Macau Fitness Army too!

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Breaking the Rules of Style – Part 2

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My last post on Vibram Five Fingers Shoes really made me think more about my approach to style. I realized we have it all wrong. Fashion usually implies the coolest  or trendiest thing without regard for anything else. Of course one has to be acceptable. If you work in an office, play live poker or go to a business dinner, a certain dress code has to be followed.

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