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A Questionable, Crazy Play at ‘Live at The Bike’… That Worked!

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Today’s Hand of the Day features a questionable, crazy play… that worked! Its’s a hand from the $5/10 No Limit cash game at Live at the Bike, from The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles.

I won this hand by floating both the flop and turn, and bluff raising the river when the flush card came.

I talk walk you through the entire hand in the video below, but first, here are a few things to consider when turning your hand into a bluff.

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I Turned My Hand Into a Bluff (Bluffing Strategy)

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Have you ever thought about turning your hand into a bluff? Did you ever apply similar bluffing strategy as our hero in today’s Hand of the Day episode?

Correctly attempting to get away with such a bold play is complicated, and without the proper strategy, you could cost yourself thousands of dollars. Here are the most common questions I receive surrounding this subject:

  • What are the best situations to execute this play?

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Online Cash Game: Would You Call This River Check Raise?

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Today’s hand from Julian comes from some good ol’ $0.50/$1.00 NL online cash game. He writes to me and asks, ‘would you call this river check-raise?’

He’s put in a tough spot in this hand, but by using game theory and analytical approach I break down exactly what he should do and why.

This is part of a more advanced program called ‘The Four Steps to Beating Anyone at Poker.’ Using methodologies like the one I discuss in this video, I teach you how to break down your opponents hand range and use game theory to win more money at poker and outplay your competition.

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