Don’t Play Your Hand: Do THIS Instead

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Playing your opponent is the key to successfully winning at Texas Hold’em. The next time you think otherwise just remember this quote from Doyle Brunson.

“Poker is a game of people. That’s the most important lesson you should learn…. People… and the strategy you use against them. More than any other game, Poker depends on your understanding your opponent.”

Too often do we get preoccupied with our own two cards.

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Nosebleed Cash Games: My biggest pot ever!

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Long gone are the days of the epic high stakes poker action on Full Tilt Poker. And with FTP recently announcing that they are shutting down the high stakes action completely, it’s the final nail in the coffin.

In honor of the ‘Golden Age of Poker’ (circa 2007) I did a special Hand of the Day with detailed analysis of the biggest hand of online poker I’ve ever played.

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Best fold of all time – The Golden Rule of Poker

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It’s one of the biggest faults of human nature: to get so preoccupied with one’s world that they forget to think about those others around them.

Seeing the world through the eyes of another is how we progress, strengthen relationships, thrive in business, and even win at poker.


99foldAnd if, as Copernicus observes, ‘the world really does revolve around me’ then this must be as true for me as it is for all my opponents.

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