A Questionable, Crazy Play at ‘Live at The Bike’… That Worked!

A Questionable, Crazy Play at ‘Live at The Bike’… That Worked!

Today’s Hand of the Day features a questionable, crazy play… that worked! Its’s a hand from the $5/10 No Limit cash game at Live at the Bike, from The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles.

I won this hand by floating both the flop and turn, and bluff raising the river when the flush card came.

I talk walk you through the entire hand in the video below, but first, here are a few things to consider when turning your hand into a bluff.

  1. Does your opponent’s hand looks week?

While there are no hard fast rules, one of the common indicators of hand strength is bet sizing. A small bet size (especially when a scary card comes) is often a sign of weakness.

  1. Does your hand look strong to your opponent?

I get so many readers and clients telling me that they bluffed because their hand looked strong. They can’t understand how in the world their opponent can possibly call when they are “never bluffing” in this spot.

When we get into the discussion, often times they fail to realize a simple truth: their opponents aren’t thinking on the same level. In order to correctly execute a bluff, your opponent has to be capable of understating the play you are trying to make.

  1. Is your opponent capable of folding?

Some players, even if they realize they are likely to be beat, are simply too stubborn or don’t care enough to fold. Perhaps they are losing or tilted, and looking for chances to get their money back. Timing is everything when it comes to profitably executing a bluff, so be sure you chose the right moment.

The more of these things you have in your favor, the more likely your bluff is to succeed.

To learn exactly how to execute the art of bluffing, you can checkout my premier program “The Four Steps To Beating Anyone at Poker”.

In the meantime, watch this video for an example of a successful bluff in practice.

I hope you enjoyed this vlog, and if you have any questions, please leave your feedback in a comment below. I would love to hear from you.


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  • Vince Lepore

    I can see that you are a very experienced pro. Just wondering how often that play has to work for it to be profitable. I take it that you bluff raise the river around 50% of the time and that he calls around 10% of the time. Of course I’m just guessing. I’ve watched your videos on youtube. I’m an old guy that played a lot of small limit holdem and stud. Looking at playing No limit and I like your style.

    • Alec

      Thanks Vince. It’s very situational so I just go with my feeling in the moment. If I think it works, I fire!

  • Eric Holmquist

    Interesting hand. I’m probably calling there, but only from having seen you play and I think if you’re holding a decent draw or a weird 2 pair you’re probably raising that turn like a million percent of the time. As played I’m just not sure your river story makes sense. Thankfully, Josh clearly does’t know your play. Nice hand.

    BTW, it’s pronounced La “keen-ta”. 🙂

    • Alec

      Thanks for sharing Eric. Appreciate the correction 🙂