I Put Phil Hellmuth on Tilt. Full Blow Up and Rant!

I Put Phil Hellmuth on Tilt. Full Blow Up and Rant!

I’d bet that every poker player dreams about provoking a Phil Hellmuth blow up. His rants, tilt and genuine passion for winning make him one of the biggest characters in the game. But there’s something about his sheer intolerance for losing that creates that knee smacking laughter.

Well today you’re in for a treat. There’s a classic Phil Hellmuth rant coming.

But first a bit of background. I have nothing against Phil personally. Quite the opposite in fact. We’ve spent quite some time together off the felt and he’s an extremely nice and genuine guy. Good company, great stories.

But at the poker table I find myself itching. I make those extra loose calls preflop just in case I hit. I peel the flop hoping for a miracle.
The temptation is just too hard to resist. Anything to get him steaming.

Onetime takes on a whole new meaning.

At Poker Night in America in Choctaw, Oklahoma I got my chance. Phil Hellmuth and I have tangoed many times before  and I was looking to exact my revenge.

Watch today’s Hand of the Day and check out how the action went down!

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Alec ♠

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  • Massimo


    • Alec

      Thanks Massimo!

  • Torgrim

    Great video Alec! The hand plays itself (except Sippl could have reraised pre and lost the pot), but great tips and fun boy dream ending! 🙂

    • Alec

      Thanks Torgrim!

  • Eric Holmquist

    Fun hand, and love how you played it. Question, though, let’s say Phil flats your raise and the river comes a heart. Are you still willing to get it in? I couldn’t tell what stack sizes were after the 1,600.


    • Alec

      Great question. If he flats and it comes a heart I’d probably bet small for value, like 1/4th the pot. Whatever I thought he could call with a worse hand.

      • Eric Holmquist

        And if he shoves to your value bet is it just a math question as to how much you are willing to call down?

        • Alec

          Yes exactly. I don’t expect him to be bluff shoving the river though on a heart, after he calls my check raise on the turn.

  • Fully

    Totally agree about your options. Phil Helmuth a man we all know inside out something that reduces your options down to what you did. The key was in what you said about the rep you’d built as Phil will often fold a flush like the one he had against a tight player. Got to admit though there’s something about the words ‘Phil Helmuth’ and ‘Rant’ that guarantees great entertainment 🙂

    • Alec

      True story! Well said David.

  • Slim

    I can’t remember if this was before or after he was wanting you banned from the show.

    • Alec

      Hahaha I think this was before. I think he says that all in good fun though. He just really hates to lose!