Best fold of all time – The Golden Rule of Poker

Best fold of all time – The Golden Rule of Poker

It’s one of the biggest faults of human nature: to get so preoccupied with one’s world that they forget to think about those others around them.

Seeing the world through the eyes of another is how we progress, strengthen relationships, thrive in business, and even win at poker.


99foldAnd if, as Copernicus observes, ‘the world really does revolve around me’ then this must be as true for me as it is for all my opponents.

It came as a shock to the table that I folded (in 2 seconds nonetheless) a set in a reraised pot vs Chad Holloway.

Truth be told I merely followed the golden rule, reasoning about the situation from the perspective of Chad. (Here’s my blueprint for exactly how I do this).

Here is the principle question one should be asking:

99handWhat hands would I play this way if I were him?

Doing so gave me a clear, trivial answer.

My hand was no good.

Second tier, far less relevant questions should be considered only if the former leads to ambiguity:

Is he capable of making a move here?
What does my opponent think of me?
What history do we have together?

Again this exercise should always be done from the standpoint of your opponent since his proclivities are the only ones that matter.

In this week’s episode, I put the above into practice in an exhilarating hand I played on Poker Night in America from Philadelphia.

If you still have doubts after watching the hand, redo this exercise by trying to think of a hand Chad could have which I beat. This might be my best fold of all time.

Naturally, I use the same logic which I used to approach this decision in every hand I play. This process of analyzing my opponent’s likely holdings and narrowing their hand range (all the possible hands they can have at any given time) down to a small group of likely holdings is a process which I call a ‘Hand Range Funnel.’

I walk you through exactly how I do that in my most popular program, ‘The Four Steps to Beating Anyone at Poker.

If you’re looking for that next level strategy and really want to up your poker game, this program is for you.

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  • Wade

    Good stuff/lay down.

    • Alec

      Thanks Wade!

  • Jean

    You’re a monster. Greetings from Brazil!

    • Alec

      Thanks Jean!

  • Aaron Lynde

    I’m not totally sure, but what odds do you need when he raises since you have a draw to a full? I wasn’t paying close enough attention to how much was in the pot, but seems like it might have been close. I love your hand reading ability though.

    • Alec

      Thanks man. I was getting 2:1 if I recall correctly. I believe I talk more about it in the blog as well. I may be betting a good price against KQ specifically, but when you combine my reverse implied odds the times he has JJ/TT and the board pairs, I think it’s a fold.

      For more in depth analysis that I think you’ll love, check out my premier products.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  • MARK

    NICE LAY DOWN!! That comment at ~7:04 “He’s not gonna get out of line with that flop on a j, 10 9 to a 1,100 bet….”. I’m like soaking this all in… thanks!

    • Alec

      Glad you’re enjoying the content Mark! Lots more good stuff coming. This is just a taste of what’s involved in my eBook as well. I think you’ll really enjoy the program.

  • Dewitt Arnold

    Why didn’t Chad just call your bet? Try to get more value on later streets? Only risk for him is pairing the board right? Possibly a scare card coming…

    • Alec

      Good question!